Warm-mix Asphalt: The Hottest Information, Parts I and II

Warm-mix asphalt technology has the potential to revolutionize the way asphalt mixtures are produced, placed, and perform.

In two workshop sessions on warm-mix asphalt, attendees at NAPA’s 2008 Annual Meeting in Phoenix heard from contractors, researchers, and agency officials on topics including best practices for WMA production and construction, the activities of the Warm-Mix Asphalt Technical Working Group, the 2007 European Scanning Tour, and contractors’ experiences with several warm-mix technologies.

1. Bob Bistor - A Tale of Two Mixes, The Hubbard Group
2. Drew Boggs - Warm-Mix Demo—Rock Hill, South Carolina, Boggs Paving, Inc
3. Don Chambers - 2007 Warm-Mix Green Asphalt Technology, Tennessee Department of Transportation
4. Matt Corrigan - 2007 Warm-Mix Asphalt SCAN, Federal Highway Administration
5. Brian Prowell - Warm-Mix Asphalt: Best Practices, Advanced Material Services, LLC
6. Cliff Ursich - Ohio Warm-Mix Asphalt Demo Preliminary Results, Flexible Pavements of Ohio

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