The contents of this web site are to promote the understanding of warm-mix asphalt during its research and development phase in the United States. This web site cannot be used to promote or single out any one specific asphalt technology.

Magazine Articles


Warm-Mix and Recycled asphalt a cost-saving combo that should be used whenever possible by Chris Hill [Get Link]

Mild Behavior by David Jones [Get Link]

Warm Mix in the Snow by AsphaltPro Editor Sandy Lender [Get Link]

Paving Technology Showcased In Salem by New England Construction Magazine [Get Link]

Boston Airport Tests Warm-Mix Asphalt by CE News Magazine [Get Link]

Thin-Lift Warm Mix Protects Road by Paul Fournier [Get Link]

Warm Mix: The Lights Are Green by Daniel C. Brown [Get Link]

New Technology Could Cool Off Hot In Hot-Mix Asphalt by Texas Construction magazine published July 2003. [Get Link]

Warm-Mix Asphalt - A State-of-the-Art Review by Technical Advisory published in the newsletter of the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association. [Get Link]

Warm-Mix Asphalt: A Cooler Alternative by Material Matters magazine article published Spring 2006. [Get Link]

Scan Tour Examines Warm-Mix Asphalt in Europe by HMAT magazine published in September/October 2007 [Get Link]

Warm Mix: The Wave of the Future? by HMAT magazine published July/August 2005. [Get Link]

Cooling Down the Mix by HMAT magazine published March/April 2003. [Get Link]

Warm Mix Placed on the Beltway by HMAT magazine published November/December 2005. [Get Link]

Warm Mix Cures Bump Problem by HMAT magazine article published in September/October 2006. [Get Link]

Warm Mix: The Push is On by Public Works Magazine published May 1, 2006. [Get Link]

Recycling Asphalt with "Warm" Mix Technology by Associated Construction Publications (ACP) published October 1, 2007 [Get Link]

Warm Mix for Yellowstone by Associated Construction Publications (ACP) published October 8, 2007 [Get Link]

Warm Mixes Are a Hot Topic by Better Roads magazine article published June 2004. [Get Link]

Editors Report on Warm-Mix Asphalt by ACPs Midwest Contractor magazine, October 10, 2005. [Get Link]

Begin Reducing Production and Laydown Temperatures—Today by HMAT magazine article published July/August 2005. [Get Link]

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